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All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 64: The Gift Of Giving
December 14, 2012 04:10 PM PST
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We don't believe the Mayans were right. But if you do & we have but a week to live on the Planet Earth, make sure you let Wall $t & Sweets, The Storytelling Sports Magellans, help you navigate the stories behind the stories for one last time with ABDB Episode 64!!! After a lil' housekeeping, we set off the festivities with questions about Imitation being the Highest Form of Flattery, an 800 lb gorilla on the ice & what A-Rod & Bo Jackson have in common... Magic Johnson is the Jay-Z of Major League Baseball... Now that the Angels now have a Murderer's Row; can God Forgive? Whatever the case, there is no Mercy Rule in Indiana... The guys offer congrats to a snake, a king & a college football history maker & show some love for golf's real playa playa, some boxing greats & a couple pariahs of the diamond... Rest In Powers shouts get contentious & with good reason, but the day is brightened by Born Day Salutes the ABDB Way... After Duane & Will share an interesting story about Jim Brown & Muhammad Ali as well as another fight that will NEVER happen, we're joined by Heavyweight Contender & new Head Trainer of the legendary Kronk Gym in Detroit, Johnathon Banks. JB spars with us to talk Emanuel Steward, Andre Ward's Protection, Cotto, Canelo & Maravilla, Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez before eventually ending up on the road paved with gold, platinum & diamonds to Floyd Mayweather... College Football Bowl Season brings the regular coaching shuffle... Is Chik-Fil-A as flaky as Bret Bielema? Bobby Petrino gets a new gig because he's a good coach... not because he broke any rules, right? Charlie Strong is more than just a name... We examine the very slippery slope The Ohio State University's football team is sliding on now... Tags Poppin' & Protecting The Shield as Goodell is Coasting To Push The Kick... Adderall At It Again? Some injuries never heal... Jovan Belcher: The Aftermath... Will we become Prisoners Of The Moment? Josh Brent: Tragedy strikes again, but did it have to? Is RGIII Black Enough for you? Should we salute Gabrielle Ludwig or is it just a stunt? Will & Duane go 3 In The Key with some of Women's College Basketball's best before we move to the Men's side & review The Kind Of Fall Coach Cal was not looking for at the University of Kentucky... David Stern is Hacked Off! Stack got Jacked as a Victim of His Past & Kevin can't find Love In Minny... We close with an understanding of the #2: It's The Shit, Literally & Figuratively as we say goodbye to 2012 & thank each & every one of you for being a part of the ABDB Family... Accents Employed: Scott Skiles Gangster, Good Ol' Willie Mitchell, Buffalo Hawkey, AWA Wrasslin', The Boris, You Know_______?, Arkanspeak, What's In Your Wallet... References: Corey Woods, Inclusion, #1On1WithWillAndDuane, North Pole Hoops, Orphan Tears, #WM40A, Boxing Day, #PartsUnknown, Accoutrement, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Easy Bake, Double Standards, Emaciated Elephants, Metropolitans, Remember The ABA, Down With The King, The Hall Of Achievement, Roid Boys, Doc Rivers, Russell Crowe, Shaq vs., J. Prince, Kronk, BBKing, Chik-Fil-A Shade, Iniquity, Dang Ol' Hank Hill, Deadbeat Daddyism, Capital One Compliance Plan, The Disconnect, Gun Control, Flight Simulator, Myopia, Dany Heatley, Black is Black, The Great Emancipator, Kye Allums, School Daze, ESPN Ocho, Respectful Appreciation, John Anderton, Jerry McGuire, Twin Towers, Whiff Of The Duece, Sharing is Caring & MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 63: Hey Young World!
November 29, 2012 07:22 AM PST
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Change is the one constant in Life & always inevitable, but don't be scuuurrred! Unlike Legendary MC Slick Rick's recent "performance" at The Barclay's Center in Brooklyn during halftime of the Nets-Knicks game, riding with Wall $t. & Sweets on ABDB Ep. 63 won't be "The Moment You Feared"! We spread love The ABDB Way as we offer congrats to Major League Baseball's regular season award winners... in November... Get to know the name Amina Hussein because The Countdown Is On for Will to catch a case for stalking her... Happy Trails to Fireman Ed, who is not to be confused with Fire Marshall Bill... Rest In Paradise shouts out to one of the most important men in pro sports history, a coach's daughter & a sequined boxing champ... The WMD's celebrate the born days of some music greats, CFL icons, baseball legends & a hoops god & the man who coined the phrase "Triple Double"... College football's desire to create super conferences is all about competitive advantage, right? Wars have been fought over control of sugar, but does the same apply for The Sugar Bowl? Word to Greg Nice & Smooth B, Forget The Iron Bowl! It's all about that G-O-L-D! The Ohio State Buckeyes are All Dressed Up with Nowhere To Go... Sweets' beloved CFL celebrates its 100th Grey Cup & he was there to see it! Certain Thanksgiving NFL traditions don't die as Charlie Brown still can kick the damn ball, but... It's Adderall Or Nothing as NFL DBs confuse Cover 2 with Taking 2... Brad Keselowski is the People's Champ of NASCAR... #RampantBlackRedneckery is realized in a major way... Will appreciated HBO's Max Kellerman's eulogy of Hector Camacho until he went too far... Ricky Hatton doesn't believe the hype anymore, does he? The Ghost rises in the ring, now who's next? Word To Nas, Adrien Broner knows He Can... Jack Taylor thinks even Kobe's elbow got tired watching him shoot & Sweets is offended... The Incredible Two Man Team wishes the best for a fallen WNBA star & break down how The Myth of Coaching Bias in the NBA is all about juking the stats... Duane shares a story about his mom's introduction to football as we examine whether Black Protectionism happens in sports... Wall $t. tells how his Dear Ol' Dad (God Bless The Dead) used to fine his youngins for flopping... We give ZBo & The Memphis Grizzlies some well-deserved love... Starting in the NBA: No Country For Old Men, Pau & STAT... Jeremy Lin, welcome to the Truth Party... Andrew Bynum doesn't care what you think... Will & Duane ask "Why?" to Brandon Roy & Michael Finley & see the Dawning in Dallas with Dirk... Finally, we look at some Duke-on-Duke crime, discuss a special basketball run we had & keep our fingers crossed to land a very special guest for 2012's last episode of ABDB... Accents Employed: DIT-KA... References: Ricky Walters, Stunts Blunts & Hip Hop, Joe Budden, Harmon Killebrew, Pre-Employment Sexual Harassment, "Fanning", Adrianna Lima, Philadering & Snitching, Ike Turner Shade, Name Dropping, Mr. Coffee, @MagnumPrime, SkyDome, Varsity Thanksgiving, #NoRomo, Lucy Van Pelt, Pussification, "We Want Eazy!", @Deacon_TKD, The P is For..., HALF!, Waterless Swimming, Teen Wolf, Steveland Morris, The Shadow League, Miming, No Look Punches, Dinosaur Meat, Nerd Trash Talk & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 62: Move The Crowd
November 16, 2012 06:41 AM PST
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Word is Bond, The Spirit Of Rakim Allah flows thru this episode of All Balls Don't Bounce! Will & Duane welcome you into The Sweets Spot for some Sports Media Deconstruction... A seminal song about the use of condoms somehow erroneously gets reconfigured in discussing Kobe Bryant(Pun Intended?)... Will & Duane reminisce on their first vehicles, a young man's streetball evolution to Grown Man Biness & a recent pickup basketball run as the holiday season approaches... We review some recent film screenings ABDB's been a part of & Wall $t. gets his Native American cameo on in one of them... The WMD's offer congrats to the 2012 NHL Hall Of Fame inductees... Word To O'Shea: Today It Was A Blue Jay... Hope Ain't Solo No Mo, Tho... Codespeak? Ninja, Please!!! Lance Armstrong's smug ass is DeadWeak... The Incredible Two Man Team blaze happy trails for their favorite Turk, send Rest In Power shouts to some legends & give Happy B-Day goodwill to many as we spread Love The ABDB Way... Sweets & Wall $t. Start The March To Madness... Duane gives Will his propers & dues on his assessment of the Lakers' head coaching carousel... Before the secession plans of Texas fall thru, we examine the curious cases of Houston Rockets' Royce White & Jeremy Lin... The Weight & Cost Of Words... Sweets makes a questionable comment about Blake Griffin before we realize the Mayans may have been right when the Clippers & James Dolan owned Knicks are amongst the best teams in the NBA... We big up the Charlotte Bobcats while throwing shade on the Carolina Panthers... Hopping into the ring, Sweets & Wall $t. examine the possible future of boxing as a big weekend of championship bouts are upon us... Former besties Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent go straight Whodini & wonder how many of us have them... Somehow, we segue into baseball & Nate Silver while chatting on Money May's gambling acumen... Will questions the sense of baseball voting on regular season awards 2 months after the end of the regular season... The guys review the Darwin Awards winning duo of USC head football coach Lane Kiffin, who's constantly getting more for doing less & Washington State's Mike Leach, The Poor Man's Lane Kiffin... The Danger of Fakin' It in the NFL... Can suicide ever be called premature? BREAKING: Tim Tebow Is... Nevermind... The Atlanta Falcons support Mercury Morris' drinking habit... Duane comes up with another idea for ABDB Enterprises... Graham Spanier: The Next Domino to fall... Salute to Bill O'Brien... Syracuse Quietly Gets Back To Business, but everything's not Fine... Duane & Will lament the fall of Elmo while soapboxing on American politics... Wall $t. throws shade on a beloved character from Sesame Street & Gloria James... The NCAA's Subjective Selective Objectivity... What exactly is The Shabazz Job? Accents Employed: Stitcher Raaayyydeeeooo, Faux First Nations, Perk Grunt, Cultured Boogie, Gritty Gutty Gangsta, Don Da Jewelah, High Snuffleupagus, Djimon Housou-ese... References: Kool DJ Red Alert, Suzuki Sidekick, Sterling 825 SL, Directing Traffic, DJ Cucumber Slice, Reverb, Disco Tribe, Resourcefulness, Ray Bala, Drew Ebanks, Josh Lewenberg, Quebec Nordiques, Ice Cube, IKEA, Tina Turner, Rhonda Rousey, Buicks, Slanguistically Incorrectness, General Skandor Akbar, Whitemanistan, Clarksville's Finest, Thoatbox, Memphis Grizzlies Ownership Group, Glassing, Baby LeBron, Ivan Lendl, Tomate' D'Can, Cuties, BFFs, Child Support For Ray J, Sabermetrics, Billy Clyde, Hip Hop vs Rap, The Round Mound Of The Sound(bite), Mad Magazine, 2Chainz, Amistad, @MagnumPrime, William Drayton, Jr., Rap Is Outta Control & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 61: Dusk & Dawn
November 02, 2012 10:35 AM PDT
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When Everything is Young, Fresh & New... Seasons Change... Leagues Start... Leagues End... But what won't change is you getting the best in intelligent, funny sports talk on the stories behind the stories from Will & Duane on All Balls Don't Bounce! It's Episode Livan Hernandez, fat & pitchin' pounds of that For Real For Real off the mound! We set it off as Wall $t channels his inner accountant in a rap battle on public transit & Sweets gives us Hurricane Sandy coverage via Sean Price... We get scraight ig'nant about African runners who have to get to the New York Marathon... Don't forget about another great ABDBPresents screening on November 14! Baseball is on the menu as we reluctantly, but graciously congratulate the SF Giants on their World Title & Will postulates on why catchers make the best MLB managers... We give Gary Sheffield props on his curious choice of a second life... The guys lament the irony of illegal business priorities in law enforcement in Florida... As usual, we spread b-day love The ABDB Way & we wish a young college "student-athlete" all our best for his speedy recovery after a horrific injury... The Incredible Two Man Team runs down recent key games in college football before Will heightens the Ig'nance Quotient on the show... Wall $t. was soon to be outdone by Mr. No Conjecture Watson with his Media Take Out spot... Corrections & Respect due to Louisiana Tech's WR Extraordinaire Quinton Patton as Will not only mangled his name but his cousin's home city & state before we get into our Heisman Watch... Sweets embraces his love for the Canadian Football League & its first Black QB to win The Grey Cup... We bring in former NFL Pro Bowl QB Jeff Blake, who just so happens to be Black, to chat with us about The Post Racial NFL... right? The convo gets lighter as The WMDs hand out NFL "Shake & Blake" Midseason Awards with Jeff... The guys get into some Listener Mail before getting off the gridiron & onto the ice... Despite the lockout, Duane & Will talk hockey & if it matters at all... Halloween brings out the monster in all of us, right, Tyler Bozak? Will & Duane pontificate on the significance between being racist vs racial insensitivity... Racial Ig'nance rears its head again in Philadelphia Flyers Wayne Simmonds' professional life, but why? Duane makes great point about the myth of racial acceptance & open mindedness in European culture before we hop into the boxing ring... We say goodbye to Iron Boy, but you know how it goes with boxers & retirements... ABDB opines why History is a cruel mistress to Truth in saluting both Orlando Cruz & Jorge Pazos... The WMDs eulogize the late great boxing trainer Emanuel Steward by breaking down his name... Sweets scores a knockout with perspective on the depth of relationship between trainer & boxer... Hoops is on the menu & Will is still in rap mode as the guys examine Geno Auriemma's Dilemma... We study Kevin Ollie & The Flip Side Of What's In Store In Storrs for the UConn Mens' Basketball team... Andrew Wiggins sets up to change the balance of power in college basketball...at least for a year! The Impact of One & Done reveals itself in the Preseason All America Team... We do a quick review of the NCAA Top 25 hoop squads before declaring ourselves eligible to embrace the launch of the new NBA season... James Harden goes Big Game James in his Rockets debut & Jeremy Lin smiles... Clearly, Will & Duane have different ideas that eventually lead to one place for the NBA Finals... All other teams pale in comparison to the Minnesota Timberwolves & no one should care... Will never misses an opportunity to make a Purple Rain reference... Finally, we look at the Legacy of David Stern... Accents Employed: Smanglished, Bahstahn, Stewardese... References: Academy Awards, Amor, Roger Maris, Rhyme Skills, Nick Van Exel, The Chosen Ones, Mic Tyson, Beverly Hills Cop, Sparky Anderson, Jay-Z, Legal Irony, Youth Football Screening Process, Prohibition, Nick Satan, @DonDelarente, Natalie Achonwa, The Victors, Game Managers, Chuck Ealey, Air Quote Kang, Yancy Thigpen, CJ2K, #NoRomo, Jerald Wilks, ABDB Enterprises, Raffi Torres, EPMD, Black Like Me, Opice, Cocaine Is A Powerful Drug, Thomas Hearns, Tennessee Williams, Danny Biasone, The Departed, Darius Miles, DePaul, Punk'd, Clair Bee, Luther Vandross, Ice Ice Baby, @RodimusPrime, #AndyFromAccounting, #2, Timmy TightPants & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 60: Sweat Equity
October 19, 2012 05:53 AM PDT

Drive x Dedication x Sweets Watson x Wall $t. Strickland = All Balls Don't Bounce! We're always gon' give you that work! After a brief hiatus, The Incredible Two Man team is ready to play both offense & defense for the whole of Episode Chuck Bednarik! Special guest in the house is Friend of The Program & the former point guard to the late Filling The Lanes podcast, The King of #FriedFried & #RampantBlackRedneckery representative Rick Dowell aka @_mav_rick. He's in to run The Three Man Weave with us! The Housekeeping is in order as we wrap up a very successful screening of "Benji" & promote the launch of our next ABDBPresents event with "The Iran Job"... Rick schools Will & Duane on why diversity in NASCAR might be dead... Larry Jones, Jr. is very well known all over Atlanta except for in Rick's house & heart... We spread b-day love the ABDB Way & offer Rest In Power shouts before we bury the New York Yankees... Congratulations to the American League Champion Detroit Tigers as they await the winner of the NLCS between the San Francisco Giants & the St. Louis Cardinals to play The World Series... Duane & Will wonder aloud what the difference is between the NCAA football champs & the BCS while Rick comes to the rescue... The guys examine the history of "student-athlete"... The Atlanta Falcons are the best team in the NFL? Sweets & Rick show love & understanding for the Canadian Football League... Will can't understand why Norv Turner still has a job in the NFL or why the sword that was fallen upon in Philly wasn't made from potted meat... @_mav_rick, Sweets & Wall $t. breakdown the Hadouken homegirl from Cleveland caught on that bus... We don't know if Anderson Silva could throw an uppercut like Artis from Cleveland, but it's hard to dispute he's the G.O.A.T. in MMA... Wall $t & Sweets banter on whether GSP can beat The Spider... We bob & weave over Things Done In Darkness as The Money Team's Captain idled in Clark Country Detention Center... The convo gets much deeper as we go "Out With No Cruz Control"... Why is it that we see homosexuality thru multiple lenses dependent upon the sex of the person? Dr. Rick channels his inner Paul Reubens during the talk & reveals some of his business building tactics while the guys opine on being Out in the Age of Social Media... We slander David Stern as a dictator, but... Will poses his embryonic theory on The Madden Curse vs. GQ Cover Curse... Jeremy Lin plays the Race Card while a tree falls in the forest... Sweets goes HAM on LBJ & his Marvel Comic Book... College basketball is back & the crew examines Midnight Madness across the country, including an impending beef between Tom Izzo & Dwight Howard... What the hell is KabongoGate & does the NCAA realize what John Calipari has embraced? Finally, Rick pulls back the curtains on the Curious Case of Andre Dawkins at Duke & offers praise to The WMDs & their many movements... Accents Employed: Bad Bruce Buffer, Even Worse Jimmy Lennon, Jr., Mongo, Drunk White Guys, Awful Filipino, Generic Commercial... References: Big Daddy Kane, Chiropractic Service, Filling The Lanes, Brown Liquor, Boogie Nights, Stitcher Awards, @rashanii, GoodFellas, Tribeca, Mr. 9.79, Bubba, Cale Yarborough, Sources, Caravan Of Love, Jehrall Jackson, Two Person Secrets, Halls Of Achievement, The Regal Beagle, Qlympia Stadium, George Papadopoulos, Bless You Boys, Detropia, Nicky Ballgame, Gypsy Brown, @MagnumPrime, Eddie Murphy, Omar Epps, False Warrants, Charlemagne The God, BFFs, Martin, The Wire, The Institution Of Intolerance, Rick James, Conditioned Conditioning, #HiiiYooo, The Fountain Of Youth, Channel Orange, Fluttering Fingers vs. Gang Signs, @classickmateria, Cramp-Free Bionic Legs, Mavens, The Ways Of The Douglas, Dana Owens, The Value of Employment, Foreshadowing, #FreeEdCota & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 59: Collateral Damage
September 20, 2012 06:52 AM PDT

Asalaam Alaikum! The Incredible Two Man Team of Duane "Sweets" Watson & Will "Wall $t." Strickland are about to go straight swineflesh with ABDB Episode Jack Ham! Joining us is ABDB Fam Representative & FightFan.com boxing writer/blogger Ivan Montiel (@LatinoPorVida), down to mix mitts with the WMDs! A reminder out the special ABDBPresents film screening of Benji sets off the festivities... Will we ever see The Decision II? Could there actually be a kinder, gentler Buck Showalter? Will throws shade at Greg Norman, mostly because he threw shade on Tiger Woods...Happy B-Day shouts to an emcee, a rapper, a Zen Master & MC Mad Rubles... Rest In Power salutes go out to a couple giants in the world of football... Wall St. makes a noble suggestion with Muhammad Ali's money before Sweets checks him... The pugilistic prancing begins with Duane serving as referee between Ivan & Will as we discuss the rationale of Ricky Hatton stepping back into the ring, the amount of exciting potential matchups at 140 lbs., why Freddie Roach stays losing now & The War of Supposition with the fourth Pacquiao-Marquez... 50 Cent is Always Business, But Could Be Personal with his new relationship with Manny Pacquiao... Floyd Mayweather scores The Trifecta, but not in the way he wants it... The real heat happens when the gang starts talking Sergio Martinez vs Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr... Ivan can't help but to make excuses for Sergio, but Will's not having it! Diminita Montiel gets bodied vs. Muhammad Mayweather Strickland & takes a useless Standing 8 from Referee Watson as we debate who's next for Martinez & Junior... Staying with the Sweet Science, we craft the equation on the career of Saul "Canelo" Alvarez & how it mirrors the early career of Oscar De La Hoya... LatinoPorVida's love for Maravilla gets tested & run thru the ringer as we talk Andre Ward's place on the pound for pound list... Will punches Ivan in the stomach so he can go out on his shield with lots of Latino pride! Sweets' threatens his right to ever ref on the show again... Temptation is in the air & Notre Dame is a Rolling Stone... Ladies in Football: When History Means Little... Brendan Ayanbadejo's mama raised him right & Duane sites his time in the CFL as a factor... Tim Tebow's No RGIII, according to John Madden... The NCAA, Rodney Purvis & The Upper Room, Word to Mahalia Jackson... Jim Calhoun: Feets Don't Fail Me Now! Billy Clyde Gillespie: Done... Patrick Ewing: Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride... Jamie Kuntz: Blinded By The Science Of Stupidity... Yunel Escobar: Tu Eres Un Idiota... What The Zuck, Harvahd? We see how they flow on Tobacco Road... Et Tu, Duk-eh? Accents Employed: Stitcher Jingle, Russian Rap, Latino Por Vidaspanol, Micky Goldmill, Billy Clyde, Eddie Murphy Doing Life, Whodini, Bahstun... References: Watch The Throne, al-Islam, @iAmLoadedLux, EPMD, The Cooties, Ether'd vs Renegade'd, ABDB Financial, Rock'em Sock'em Robots, Zero Sum Equations, Argentina, The 50 Laws Of Power, Trojan Horsing, Jeopardy, Trojan Horsing, Open Marriage, Scams to Scabs, Pryzbo, The Black QB Continuum, De-Von Dudley, Filling The Lanes, The Direction of Spirals, St. Kitts Independence Day, The Ewing Theory vs. The Kareem Curse, Thomas Dolby, PDA, Helen Mirren, 300 & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 58: The Veil Of Opulence
September 06, 2012 07:13 AM PDT

All Balls Don't Bounce is BACK & we don't put on airs! Separate the Real from the Lies! Let Us Learn YOU! Our Mamas raised us right!!! We got company over! Sweets & Wall $t. perform as if they comprehend on ABDB Episode Jack Lambert by welcoming Classick Material (@classickmateria)from The Cold Slither Podcast(@ColdSlitherPod), who contributes immediately in renaming Duane Watson's house AND the show!!! ABDBPresents is all up in your area once again with another incredible film screening in October... The crew begins where Lance Armstrong quits because All We Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun... George Huguely lacrosses his life out... Ed O'Bannon may end up being Will's hero after all... Classick revives the Ghost of Wesley Snipes while we chat on the ignorance of Phil Mushnick... Sweets brings out The Hater Hater, possibly at the expense of NASCAR & Rampant Black Redneckery... The fight continues over viral football high schools, internet dating & online worship... Fight Night Lights live again in Allen, Texas & Will loses his mind over the obvious... Pete Carroll sleeps well in Seattle while USC potentially faces new sanctions... The Incredible Two Man team tosses praise at Nick Saban... Penn St. football fans learn The World's Not A Fairy Tale... Notre Dame: Not Fans Of The Nasty... Did Nick Saban run Urban Meyer out of the SEC? We FINALLY talk Canadian Football League on the show &... At least Classick now knows what a rouge is now! Will, Jamal (yes, we used his government!) & Duane examine the inexcusable greed of NFL owners & their leader, Daddy Goddell... Classick gets the business for being a Jets fan... Take Note, NFL GMs: Scared Money Don't Make None, But... The Middleweight Boxing Stew just got interesting again... Dan Gilbert... Is That You? Oh, wait... that's Dana White! Jon Bones Jones & the Leverage of Superstardom... Red Raiders Mutiny: Oxymoronic? Come to know Don Barksdale, hoops fans! ABL: The Good, The Bad & The Dangerous... Will revisits the time he clowned himself in front of Rakim as we discuss the new Family Funtastic NBA Rap Album... Finally, Classick, Wall $t. & Sweets look at Dwight Howard's PR Campaign 2012... Accents Employed: Bill-ae Clyde... References: Rakim Allah, Steel Sharpens Steel, Comics, The Sweets Shop, Image Use In Perpetuity, Any Given Sunday, Pittsburgh Penguins, Old Michael Corleone, Passenger 57, Jalen Rose, The Green Mile, The McNair Brothers, Little Red Riding Hood, Everest College, Joel Osteen, King Of The Hill, Bear Bryant, Richard Phelps, The Best Miami, XFL, Fake Paternal Affectation, #NoRomo, Tae Bo, Mitt Romney, Malcolm & Martin, Papa John's, G-Unit, Larry Merchanting, The Weight Of A Lie, Pimp Life, Don Barksdale, Bata Kicks, Loud Records, Making The Band, DJ Waxmaster C, Tom Ziller, Bawse, Ardent AssClownery, Wonder Twins, Podcast Box Sets, Hero Theme Music & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 57: The Price Is Right
August 23, 2012 06:33 AM PDT

Welcome to ABDB Ep. Johan Santana, where Sweets & Wall $t. pitch that "we could pass a polygraph" to the sports podcast world! Getting right to the business at hand, The Incredible Two Man Team reminds you of another ABDBPresents spectacular before keeping with our theme of Sports Anarchy from ABDB Ep. 56. We buck & shuffle at the moves made by the Augusta National Golf Club while Will reminisces on a chance encounter at a supermarket there... We examine another backup quarterback from the state of Florida who is getting alot of attention... In Alabama, there is another case of child abuse, but it's nothing in comparison to what the Feds are seeking on Jerry Sandusky...AGAIN! The NHL decided to get its Lockout Game on, knowing full well it cannot afford it... Sweets & Wall $t. run down how Aquille "The Plea Deal" Carr is fuckin' with the church's money & review an anonymous poll taken that would make Joey Greco proud... Time to ponder yet another case of a young athlete who wanted to major in Street Pharmaceutical Culinary Arts... ABDB salutes a couple really good dudes, sends a Rest In Power shout to a fallen, flawed champ & spreads love as only we can in our birthday shouts... ESPN gives us Tebow Porn on Magic Johnson's birthday while Skip Bayless graciously lets us know that some of his favorite quarterbacks are Black... Less butts in arena seats & scab referees may leave a scar on the NFL, but we doubt it... All Hail King Felix Perfecto! Come to understand that Roger Clemens just really hates his family... What do Melky Cabrera, Ra's al'Ghul & Bane have in common? In 2017, Joe Paterno may rise again...on a basketball court... Shabazz Muhammad: Guilty until proven Innocent... With Dwight Howard's "stay" in LA, we find The Devil In The Details of his first Lakers press conference... Rhonda Rousey: Raising The Arm Bar in Women's Mixed Martial Arts while ABDB wishes we could start sanctioning charity boxing matches for the Honorable Nelson Mandela... Finally, Will & Duane sift through the attempts of prestidigitation by Sideshow Bob Arum & review a busy month of great boxing coming in September... Accent Employed: Stitcher Radio Jingle & Brooklyn Drago... References: Duval Clear, Rich Kidd, Andrew Gaze, The Microwave, Syndicated & Sanctioned Violence On Free TV, "Sources", Aquemini, Lawrence Krisna Parker, Anal Tattoos, Eugenics, Labor Strife, Tennis All-Americans, New Adages, Lil' Jon, Mama Said Knock You Out, Jabba The Hut, NYC Waterways, Sartorial Splendor, The Female Expendables, Condiments, EMPD, Fantasy Island, Labor Day Dress Etiquette & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 56: Five Ring Circus
August 09, 2012 09:46 PM PDT

Feeling locked into pre-conditioned conformist sports talk? Free Yourselves & look no further! After almost a month away, The Incredible Two Man Team of All Balls Don't Bounce is BACK with ABDB Ep. Lawrence Taylor! We set off the festivities with a recap of our ABDBPresents screening in Montreal, Renee, as well as our next offering in the month, Knuckleball... We sprinkle a lil' Unholy Water on the NCAA & Penn State for the last time...until we have to say more again! Parents Of The World Unite: Author Dennis Rodman... We examine The Genius Of John Calipari... Give love in the ABDB Way for birthdays, marriages & 2012 NFL Hall Of Fame Inductees while bowing our heads in respect to those who are no longer with us... What The Opening Ceremonies REALLY Tell Us! ABDB establishes The Olympics of Doing Absolutely Nothing, featuring Dwight Howard... Ignorance On Full Display: Olympic Athlete Expulsions... Shouts out to Michael Phelps, Im Dong-hyun & Oscar Pistorius, much to Sweets' dismay... We examine The Significance Of Insignificance in the Case of Gabby Douglas... Duane sees no point & a bunch of hypocrisy in Olympic Tennis with The Arrival of Andy Murray & The Nerve Of Serena Williams... What da duck is up with the US Boxing Program? Team USA: Better In 2016 Than Both 2012 AND 1992? Lolo Jones: The Kournikova of Athletics? Ask Her Teammates... Usain Bolt has Proper Broughtupsy... Floyd Mayweather hit the bricks early & is cheffin' Fear Of A Black Planet with 50 Cent & The Money Team Expansion... There is a BountyGate Update, where, much like Wall $t, Daddy Goodell is Never Wrong but Maybe Mistaken... The WMDs review The ABDB Risk vs Reward Files with Travis Henry & T.O.... Finally, we talk about A First That May Not Count & close strong with praise for a Hall Of Fame Human Being. Accents Employed: Baltimore Snoop, Sweets' Swiss French, Clayton Bigsby, Ratchet Hate... References: Life Is Good, Undisputed Truth, Billboard, Marilyn Monroe's second husband, The Illicit Cupcake Trade, Joe Theismann, Shark Lavay, Trademarks & Patents, ABDBPresents, Martina Navratilova, Standing Corrected, Innuendo, Strong Arming, Federal Kidnapping Charges, Olympic Haberdashery, Bomani Jones, The AmeriCanadian, Pre-Lakering, Kittsians, Greatest vs. Best, Bad Korean, "Normal", Idealism vs. Anarchy, Coiffeurs, Point Shaving, Virginity, 800 Lb. Gorillas, AdSeg, Nonsensical Figures Of Speech, Changes, Cold Chicken Pot Pie, Sunshine Anderson & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 55: The More Things Change...
July 11, 2012 06:00 PM PDT

You know, there's something to be said for stability! Wall $t. & Sweets, a.k.a. "Hands", because our people know they can count on us, deliver the goods on the story behind the story in sports on ABDB Episode Derrick Brooks! You never really know what it's like to walk in a man's shoes until you hoop in them... We wrap up Euro Cup 2012 & diss the felonious stupidity of racism... we are devoid of color & hope as we celebrate Jack Johnson's greatest day of Independence... Zack Parise & Ryan Suter love Purple Rain... People around Lance Armstrong keep getting nabbed for PEDs, but somehow in his case, birds of a feather don't dope together in his world... Maybe Lance Armstrong should invoke the Hope Solo Rule the next time he's brought up on charges... The WMDs give birthday love to Malik Abdul Aziz while slandering certain kinds of rappers... When Tiger Woods sets the bar so high, can we not appreciate his greatness even when he's not-so-superhuman? We continue our Caravan of Homage as we examine the emotional triumphs of Roger Federer & Serena Williams at Wimbledon... Does quiet tennis excite you? Financial support can't mask the heinous acts of people not named Gerry Sandusky in Not-So-Happy Valley... Drew Brees aka Ol' Dirty Bastard tells the Saints to "Gimme My Money"! Adrian Peterson: Arrested For Resisting Arrest... Those Damn Yankees don't like it when The Straw Who Stirs The Drink Stirs The Truth About A-Rod... MLB's Youth Movement was on full display in Kansas City during the MidSummer Classic, but did anyone care? The Ontario Basketball Association & AAU sign a historic deal for young Canadian hoops stars. But can this new Up North Bounce & its pipeline get muddied by sports agent Andy Miller & his dealings? The Incredible Two Man Team gives Derrick Rose the business about his Parking Lot Limpin' as we dance into NBA Free Agent Frenzy, where alot of cats will get GROSSLY overpaid, Jeremy Lin learns the Ins & Outs of The Pimp Game & Will erroneously assigns shade to Mark Stein... The London 2012 Summer Olympics won't lack for star power & controversy... wouldn't be the Summer Olympics without them? We wonder if "do overs" count in women's track & field, if The Bolt is Lightening & if former Olympic champ Michael Johnson earned a doctorate in his retirement... As we bring ABDB Ep. Michael Waltrip into The Winner's Circle, we share how strong Anderson Silva knows the distinct difference between a cookout & a BBQ! Chael Sonnen knows... now... AGAIN!!! Accents Employed: Big Baby Jesus, Dr. Evil, Elijah Muhammad, Jack Nicholson... References: Deke, SayOWWW, White Chocolate, Orel Hershiser, double entendres, ABDBPresents, Chris Rock, Gates BBQ, Ivan Montiel, "Jack Jeffries", Lake Minnetonka, @tsnscottymac, Cancer's Cancer, Chamillionaire, International Air Quote Credits, PMS, Breaking Your Deen, Fortnight, Compton, ABDB Sports Agency, Mr. October, AFLAC, Marion Knight, Andrew Wiggins, Ghostface Ilya, Judas Shuttlesworth, Ubuntu, Cal State Fullerton, Jeremy Lin, Chargrilled Meats & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

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