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All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 54: The Extortion Games
June 29, 2012 06:53 AM PDT

Did you miss us? We missed you! It's ABDB Episode Randy White / Horace Grant / Aroldis Chapman, doin' it The Ski Mask Way, eff the ransom note! The festivities begin with a debate over the litigious nature of the United States & why Tony Parker's $20M lawsuit may be misguided... the rock gets passed to Golden State Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson, whose new catchphrase may now be "Pants Down, Man Down"... Hockey talk ensues as the brothers talk brothers & we're not talking The Brothers Brothers... Did the Penguins reach the Tipping Point for their franchise & the NHL with Sidney Crosby's new contract? We ponder LaDainian Tomlinson's place in the Pantheon of Great NFL Running Backs upon his retirement & pour out a lil' fat-free water for an amazing artist, The Undisputed King & a stealth bomber... The WMDs break down this so-called Clyde The Snide shade thrown at Magic Johnson, but is it relevant 20 years later? Nothing could muddy the Holy Water LeBron Ramone James is sipping on now after winning his first NBA title with the Miami Heat, could it? We discuss why there might not ever be another NBA season like the one that just passed & celebrate diversity in the league while wishing we didn't have to... The NBA Draft & Free Agency is upon us and all we can see are bad suits, unfulfilled promise & the beginning of a new era... The convo turns on college football's invisible men while the Wizard of Oz makes an appearance on the show... The PacMan Jones "Make It Rain" civil decision has us referencing classic kung fu flicks... Can you call it extortion if someone wants to release some bad words about you? Is Drew Brees Black? We find ourselves, much like many other folks, bored by the state of the Heavyweight division in boxing. Is it warranted? The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Old Men get re-routed by an unlikely source... Is Chavez-Alvarez The Next Episode in boxing or will it never happen? Chael Sonnen has pulled Anderson Silva out of his shell, but when July 7th hits, will Silva's tough talk, albeit via translator, prove prophetic? Word to Lauren Hill & Kanye West, when it does all... all fall down in boxing, does the sport finally submit to mandatory drug testing for ALL fights? Scandal doesn't escape us as Jerry Sandusky gets his due... kinda... Roger Clemens' acquittal helps us to discern between not guilty vs yeah... you did it! Accents Used: Stitcher Radio Jingle, Schoolhouse Rock, Small's Paradise Hood, Brazilian Ivan Drago, Jeru Da Damaja... References: John Steinbeck, Jackson Five, Rich Kidd, Cory Joseph, Dr. Evil, Orthodontist, The Jackson 5, Malcolm Gladwell, Deep Vein Thrombosis, The Greatest Show On Turf, #NoOJ, Leaders Of The New School, Phil-apino Jackson, The Great Oz, Seinfeld Of Crime, Apollo Creed, Ambulance Chasers, @HebrewRational & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 53: Shattering Expectations
June 14, 2012 05:55 AM PDT

Once again, it's ON! ABDB Ep. Darryl Dawkins / Maurkice Pouncey / Artis Gilmore is at the center of All Things Sports! Joining The Incredible Two Man Team is none other than Baltimore's Finest, Reeta The NFL Chick(@TheNFLChick), riding for the DMV, Ravens & Orioles! Setting it off, we dismiss all floppers except Eldrick Woods, give congratulatory nods to Raffa, Sherapova & a hockey team with a player named Willie Mitchell... yeah... for real... #NoSandusky... If Coup D'Etats are your thing, meet Modibo Diarra... Happy Born Day shouts to The Purple One, The College Dropout & ABDB's "Uncle John"... Happy Trails to a couple solid pugilists & we pour out a little fat-free & low fat water for some boxing giants... Wendell Scott might be rolling in his grave as NASCAR does its best to diversify its profile... Reeta helps Duane & Will recognize the 40th anniversary of Title IX before the guys almost come to blows over the meaning of the legislation... Uh Oh! Geno Auriemma! Say It Ain't So! What does being gay in the NFL REALLY mean, if anything at all? Justin Combs & meritocracy are on the menu, but we thought we told you that we won't stop... we thought we told you that we won't stop! Uh Uh! Uh Uh! The WMDs slow clap to Brian Banks' storybook beginning... Terrell Suggs' duplicity might get rewarded with a loss of salary... The NBA Finals start, antiquated narratives run the gamut... and they are all still LeBron's fault! Floyd Mayweather may wither away after only 2 weeks in jail... Really, Money? Stop Playin'! Word to Avon Barksdale, he wants to be home before it gets cold! You had to have been under a rock if you have yet to hear about the comitragedy that was the Pacquiao-Bradley fight... We attempt to connect the dots because, though this doth schmelleth bad for the sport, maybe it's just another case of boxing being boxing! Accents Employed: Balimore (NOT a typo), Nadal In Paris... References: Bill Robinzine, OJ Brigance, She Crab Soup, The Social Network, Gub'ment Names, Nicknomenclature, Stitcher Radio, @lizzs_lockeroom, Maurice White & Philip Bailey, The Mystery Of Iniquity, Ova Slander, Racialized Names, White Willies, West Indian Archie, Reading Is Fundamental, Die Hard, Flyte Tyme Studios, Bella Gonzales, Hockeytown USA, Joe Gibbs, Asshole, Immaculata College, Wade Davis, Diddy, Joe Montana, Redemption, Imperial Death March, #TresPuntos, The Sprinkle Me Mane, Chalky White, The Million Dollar Man & His Man Servant, @HebrewRational, Testicular Fortitude, LemonBooty, @bomani_jones, Diet Meals, Charles Dickens, The Wire, The Ski Mask Way, Ivan Montiel, The BobFather & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 52: Giving You The Nasty!
May 30, 2012 11:53 AM PDT

Respect Due to Bret "The Hitman Hart", but have we ever seen a run like the San Antonio Spurs are making in the NBA Playoffs right now? 10 straight in the postseason & 20 straight in total. The Excellence of Execution indeed & VERY NASTY! Pantheon Stuff? You bet! Much like ABDB Ep. Ray Lewis, Will & Duane hit you with another Hall Of Fame-worthy episode! The Incredible Two Man Team sets it off in Stade Roland Garros as we salute Roger Federer & lament Serena Williams' decision to try & be a Ninja In Paris... The Stanley Cup Finals between the LA Kings & New Jersey Devils offer us an opportunity to dismiss understated greatness... Is Hockey Night In Canada's ploy to increase their reach a reach? Is "While The Men Watch" a great marketing strategy for the NHL or a thinly veiled attempt to include lesbian activity in hockey broadcasts? Will Strickland: A Sexist or Appreciator of Attractive Women? We say goodbye to a tortured soul & offer Happy Born Day shouts out to the REAL Foxy Brown, a man who created a brew for bitches, the Black Frank White, Trevor Smith Jr., Will's brother Chris & El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz... Wall $t names his Presidential Starting Five & Bench Mob in honor of the NBA playoffs... You already know the deal out West where San Antonio is beating OKC like the varsity vs the JV, but are there any excuses in the East between the Heat & Celtics? Scott Brooks is NOT The Man for OKC, word to Omar Little... We examine The Scotty Hierarchy... what the hell is a "Triple Single"? The WMDs debate the Pantheon of Greatness while throwing shade on the 1996 Bulls... Duane doesn't believe Tim Duncan is a celestial body... Recruits add fuel to the ongoing & simmering fire that is University of Michigan vs. The Ohio State University football programs... We talk the sad tale of Jamal Lewis, note that the Detroit Lions need some fertilizer so they can grow up & that Terrell Owens has serious allergic reactions... If you lost 10 years of your Life, could you just let bygones be bygones? Is Sweets, aka The Canadian Benedict Arnold, a Motherland Hater, too? And we're not talking Detroit! Mob Mentality means something totally different in Italian soccer... Mario Balotelli sounds like an Italian, but plans on rolling like Malcolm X... Duane has given up the Footy Fight & thinks Frank Mir is a bum! ABDB wishes The Punisher well on a long journey ahead, say nope to dopes Andre Berto & Lamont Peterson & ask if Floyd Mayweather is a savant in & out of the ring... Wake us up when the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley 24/7 series is over... Will the fight be as boring? Accents Employed: Hank Williams Rowdy... References: Buck Williams, Stitcher Radio, @jfulldotnet, digital audio tapes, The LikNutz, Dan Majerle, Jeff Hornacek, alarmism, Memorial Day, WNBA, Rebecca Lobo, Dakar, The Metric System, Tony Hawk, Bentleys, Ashley Judd, RampantBlackRedneckery, @dondelarente, @_mav_rick, XBox Brain Farts, Travis Pastrana, Novak Djokovic, Watch The Throne, The Tim Duncan Of The NHL, Patrick Roy, fan hypocrisy, @seanheffernan, killer instinct, Immortal Technique, Be Easy, Epiphanous Moments, SportsNet Magazine, Felonious Stupidity, Omar Credle, The Carolinas, Eric LeGrand, Redemption, Kacie Hollins, Murder Death Kill, The Klitschkos, The Can Man, Lonnie Rashid Lynn & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 51: Accept No Substitute!
May 16, 2012 09:01 AM PDT

Despite Metta World Peace's declaration to James Harden, word to Michael Doleac, we welcome you to ABDB Ep. 51! Wall $t. officially ends his #PartsUnknownTour so that he & Sweets get back to the business of doing what's popular with the population! Duane breaks down what a quality cupcake is as the guys exchange belated birthday greetings & shout out Mothers for their special day as well! We set it off with some quick hits, including how Will finds some odd parallel between golf & boxing halls of fame decision making... There's some Black on Black crime we offer in talking about a legendarily racist Canadian hoops tournament before we send Rest In Paradise love to the first Black ref in NBA history, Nolan Richardson III, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch & the great Junior Seau... The NFL finds itself in quite the conundrum with the BountyGate player suspension & how concussions are shortening the lives of current & former players... The word of Bill Romanowski is as good as, ummm... Like a good neighbor, Cris Carter loves State Farm Insurance... Sweets rolls out a potential ABDBPresents screening... Of course there is NBA Playoff Talk & we break it down to the utmost... The debate over fake nicknomenclature continues... ABDB shows love to the NBA Rookie Of The Year & MVP... We get on the good foot discussing Froch-Bute tilt while dismissing the so-called "mega fight" being pondered between Super Middleweight Boss Andre Ward & Light Heavyweight Champ Chad Dawson... Will & Duane display their ignorance of Luxembourg, but we're nowhere as ignorant as Lamont Peterson... With Khan-Peterson II now off the books, does Floyd Mayweather look a bit prophetic with his push for Olympic-style drug testing for all of boxing? The Money Team lives up to its name & shores up its Entourage Game... Sweets & Wall $t. don't love Moral Victory Boxing Fans... And we wrap up another action packed episode with more PacMan-Money chat as this saga never seems to end... or won't until they toss mitts instead of accusations... Accents Employed: Mr. Fuji, Sweets' British, Black Barbershop EngYiddish... References: Jay Electronica, Roswell New Mexico, Prison Picture Posing, Mama Confections, Tha Alkoholiks, Stitcher Radio, Avengers & Adoption, Antonio Hardy, Posse, FunkMaster Flex, Palookas, The Perfect Coiff, The AmeriCanadian, Halifax Mulattos, Gunnin' For That #1 Spot, Exact Change, JJ Stokes, Bell Rung, Ken Norton Jr., @atlstomp, 2004 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons, Tuff Juice, Justin Bieber, Greg Oden, Buck Williams, Tu Holloway, The Cupcake Champion and more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 50: One In A Trillion
May 01, 2012 09:04 PM PDT

Funk For Ya, Baby! Listen! It'll Drive You Wild! While we pay homage to Peter Phillips & Corey Penn, ALL Respect Due to our Very Special Guest, the homie Bernard Freeman aka Bun-B, The Trill OG & Underground King! ABDB Ep. David Robinson finds The Incredible Two Man team building with Bun from the Alamo City of San Antonio, setting it off with necessary greetings & salutations before the stories & the magic begin! Wall $t. & Bun recall their first encounter & subsequent meeting over a box of Dunkin Donuts... While the moment in time has passed, the friendship & the love is forever... Bun-B is the Hip Hop Politician... Rice University is the home of two Hip Hop Professors, Dr. TrillOG & The Largest Professor... We remember the Rodney King Verdict, where we were & the advantages we have to not repeat history... We lighten the tone & extinguish the political talk literally to examine brain cramps... Bun-B shows his P.A.T. brethren love & solves Kobe Bryant's travel problems... CP3 is a culture shifter... Playoff injuries put a slight damper on the competition, but no one gets a free ride... We part with Bun B & proceed with more of what you need! NFL Draft secret handshakes, hugs & Commish comparisons dominate... Suprises? No Such Luck... RGIII gets love, but we probably won't ever eat at Subway again because of him... Mike Shanahan & Dan Snyder continue to lead the NFL in Questionable Decisions... Word to King Rex! The WMDs revisit the greatness that is Jon Bones Jones & pontificate on his next opponent with Anderson Silva - Chael Sonnon on the horizon... We play resuscitate a sorely underutilized term while staying Syntactitionally Correct... Adieus are bid to Bernard Hopkins & we preview Resurrection vs. Perfection & The Reality with No Excape... Wall $t. gets his Caesar on & names a month after himself... Some Cats Stay Paid!!! Accents Employed: Chad Lamont Butler, Shiiiiiiiittttt, Suspicious Wife, Nursery Rhyme, Eddie Kane... References: R.I.P. Pimp C, Clutch City, Matt Bullard, Houston Urban Radio Stations, Bill from Port Arthur Texas, The Bass 9-1-7 Zone, Carrington's Karaoke Party Moving Machine, Eric Barrier, London Riot, @omarelamam, Ashton Kutcher, PartsUnknownTour2012, Mr. Biggs, The Dap King, Mr. Fly Socks, Aubrey Graham, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Mr. Technicality, Sesquicentennial, Planning Work & Working Plan, Will's nephew Donovan, ABDB Family Salute & more... ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 49: Cosmetic War
April 20, 2012 05:54 AM PDT

When you're tired of your so-called sport commentarians all dancin' up in the show, talkin' all flagrant with no purpose, rhyme or reason on the podcast, there is ABDB Episode Tom Landry/Ron Guidry/Earl Cooper (Rice Owls, Baby!) to save the day!!! Word to Mobb Deep, there's a war goin' on outside no man is safe from... and the Weapons Of Media Deconstruction are here to fight the Good Fight with YOU! It's your favorite sports podcaster's favorite sport podcast & we set it off giving thanks to our people who came out in support of the ABDBPresents No Look Pass at the 12th Annual ReelWorld Film Festival... we let you know that milestone Episode 50 will come not next week but on May 1, 2012... The Winningest College Basketball Coach in history walks away... Jayson Williams gets another chance at Life, but let's hope he doesn't owe Charles Oakley money... Is it ever cool to ever give another grown man a "Wet Willie"? We give shouts out to the late Wendell Scott in the name of Rampant Black Redneckery while offering our best to the departed in sports & music... There's b-day love for Death Row, The Captain, The First True B-Boy & 1/3 of the Holy Trinity of Hip Hop Culture... No AARP at SMU for LB... Bo Ryan is a Cock Blocker & we mean this in the nicest way... Ok... Maybe not... The University of Kentucky is Middle Finger U. to the NCAA & the Ruse That Is Amateur Collegiate Athletics... The Incredible Two Man Team explores The Real March Madness & figure out why Derrick Rose has been injured so much this NBA season... The Vancouver Canucks Are The Miami Heat of Hockey? We give our take on the value of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Flyers series to fans who love Ol' Time Hockey & ask if Phoenix Coyotes' Raffi Torres is Dirty Or Just Hard Nosed? Salute to baseball octogenarian Jamie Moyer & Happy Trails to Pudge Rodriguez... While we honor Jackie Robinson Day, a couple streams of thought dominate our consciousness... Jessica Dorrell Settles For Less... Again! Age is just a number to Nate Webster... The Prohibition of Sean Payton is a slippery slope... Finally, Sweets & Wall $t. examine whether the phenomena of Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, Skippy, Screamin' A., Larry Merchant & more are simply products of the environment that we created or merely by-products of what we knew all along! Accents Employed: True Musician, Kobe White Heat Slave, The Negotiator... References: Elocution, Y.A. Tittle, Suge Knight, Midnight Marauding, Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, Hebrew Havoc, The Naval Academy, Court Surfing, @NataTheScribe, ClarksVegas, Frank Sutton, Wilma Rudolph, Food Porn, The Kool Genius Of Rap, @LEEtrebeaux, Siegfried & Roy, @Deacon_TKD, Challah, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, Any Given Sunday, Megalomania, Plausible Deniability, Max Julien, The Fab Five, Kwame Brown, Buzz Williams, TimmyTightPants, Tracy Marrow, Swaggu, Personality Transplant, Bruce Lee, Hockey Rink Treachery, Rachel Robinson, Rooney Rule, Art Of The Deal, Felonious Stupidity, St. Nick, Train Wrecks, @fromthejax, @dondelarente, @jdgafflin, POTUS Gerald Ford & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

All Balls Don't Bounce Episode 48: The Saga Continues...
April 12, 2012 08:05 PM PDT

Sweets & Wall $t. do a time trial with ABDB Ep. Jimmie Johnson with our quickest show EVER! Make sure you come out to hang with The Dynamic Duo at our ABDBPresents screening of "No Look Pass" Friday, April 13, 2012... Check our Facebook page for more info & a discount code! Shout out to The LIVING (Literally) Legend Larry Zybysko, the WMDs sanction a grudge match over Deron Williams between Nitika Koloff & Marty Janetty... Skip Bayless Is The Bobby Patrino Of Sports Commentary & Bobby Petrino is the... Bobby Petrino of Bobby Petrino!!! Yuuuuuuuuu! Yu might not have what the Texas Rangers need, but we say he's still a friend... Ozzie Guillen is guilty, but of what? Can we get whatever from Mr. Muhammad? Shabbazz Muhammad makes his decision on what college jersey he wants to wear next year... The NCAA smiles as the registers ring! DWade wants a slab of the Olympic jersey sales ham, then gets some Political Re-Education as he backtracks... NY Knicks fans don't want The Lord to help them & Charles Barkley feels like if he can lose weight, Lamar Odom should lose his paycheck... Accents Employed: Civil War Black Soldier, Disretrospected ABDB Listeners, AWA Wrasslin' Announcer, House Slave, Bobby Petrino Unprotected Text, Ivan Drago... References: The Masters, Glory, NHL Playoffs, Hulk Hogan, Kindle, The Late Chuck Daly, Cold Slither Podcast, UNO Champ, The HNIC(Not Hockey Night In Canada!!!), GPA>>>PPG=SHADDAP!, The Wire, The Rockers, Plan Your Work to Work Your Plan, Ichiro, Native Tongues, Fidel Castro, Wall $t's Dear Ol' Dad (God Bless The Dead), adidas, Reggie Miller, Ski Mask All-Stars, Cleveland Williams, Lam-Lam & Delicious, WuTang Clan, Cedric The Entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr., The Chronologically Challenged & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

All Balls Don't Bounce Episode 47: Unfinished Business
April 06, 2012 03:39 PM PDT

Word to Erick & Parrish Making Dollars, it's Episode Andrei Kirilenko/Tom Glavine, pitching them heat rocks from our Mind Spray AK! The WMDs note that this is the one week notice until our ABDB Presents on Friday the 13th April 2012... Don't Be Scuuurrred! Uh Uh! Is a $3 taco worth your Life, even if you're "just playin' around?" Time to get our cheer on (kinda) as Sarah Jones leads us with "2-4-6-RAPE"... Chris Singleton makes an investment that saves at least a couple thousand bottles of Patron... The Puerto Rican Boxing Commission flagrantly line steps with their judgement on Juan Manuel Lopez... Mike Milbury forgets his place... Tiger finally wins, but... Shouts out go to the Original John Calipari & WWE Hall Of Famer Mike Tyson while Rest In Power shouts go to Joseph Luke Scarpa & Lawrence Whistler... Sweets regales us with a story about the woods as ABDB congratulates Brittney Griner & The Baylor Bears on their unprecedented championship season... The Syntactician calls Duane a bad word... Speaking of Big Britt, she's got a decision to make... We examine cash imbalances in college basketball coaching while universities get their George Orwell on... NCAA President Dr. Mark Emmert finds out his arms are too short to box with The PupperMaster... Will rants on the proposed NBA Age Limit Increase... No... For real... We show a whole new level of respect for Stan Van Gundy in his dealings with The Dwightmare... Love is extended to Chinese Basketball Association champion Stephon Marbury, who went halfway around the world the find home... Bobby Patrino rides on a lie, but will "winning cure all"? Morris Claibourne will soon be telling Mike Florio to Wonderlic Deez... Gregg Williams pre-game speech to his defense was fairly common... until he started talking about targeting opponents' body parts... How can Sean Peyton, suspended by Daddy Goddell & admitting his complicity in BountyGate after, now appeal the ruling? Let's bow down to the 49 year old Colorado Rockies hurler Jamie Moyer... Finally, Duane & Will wonder why Anaheim Angels outfielder Torii Hunter tried to laugh off the police drawing down on him... at his own home! Nobody's Safe! Accents Employed: Shaq, Cinque English, Woo Pig Soooiiiieee!... References: EPMD, Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Killer, Edgar Allen Poe, Step Up & Stand Out, CAAWS, 1On1, Ying Yang Twins, Hershel Walker, Pulled Pork, Costa Rica, Brother Mouzone, Cheyenne Woods, American Wrestling Association, Dusty Rhodes, Adrian Dantley, 1984, Baltic States, Constructive Dismissal, Ernie Johnson, The Nile River, Black Dynamite, Bizarro, Insufficient Pimpin', Hustlin' Backward, San Antonio Gunslingers, XFL, SAT tests, Jim Irsay, Institutional Control, Julio Franco Boogie Nights & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

All Balls Don't Bounce Episode 46: If You Break Them...
March 29, 2012 02:33 PM PDT

Episode Herm Edwards / Lee Smith / Chuck Muncie / Willie James Hammock is here as Sweets & Wall $t. note one year of making All Balls Don't Bounce Popular With The Population! It's our birthday & it's a Celebration, Bitches! Two weeks away from ABDBPresents screening of No Look Pass during the ReelWorld Film Fest & we got the goods! Setting it off with a round of Quick Hits, Will & Duane chat on Reebok breaking the rules & the bank, the NBA looking to make some extra bank, Tim Tebow's Sperm Bank & Mr. Bank Shot being old & bank on the fact that administrators sometimes just don't get it! ABDB pours our a lil' fat-free & low-fat water for the recently departed Mr. Bert Randolph Sugar... While it's cool that athletes are stepping up & out in the name of justice for Trayvon Martin, could we all be missing the point? When is a team not a team? When it's the AP Men's Basketball All America team... or is it? Love goes to South Carolina's new head men's hoops coach Frank Martin for keeping it RIGHT... Make the Final Four & the Madness Marches right into your bank account, but only if you're a coach, weak kidneys don't mean weak hearts... Chuck Klosterman plays Nostradamus & the Weapons Of Media Deconstruction don't necessarily agree... would you expect any less from us? Hatfields... Meet McCoys, but at a dialysis clinic? Zab Judah goes home, James Kirkland gets a gift & Chael Sonnen's about to get his wish... kinda! A child sexual abuse victim fights back & the new owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers pull a Magic trick... Bill Parcells used to sleep with the fishes, but now he wants to swim with the Saints? Accents Employed: Bad Iron Mike, Hillbilly, Ann Wolfe... References: Blood On Tweet Streets, Roderick Morrow, Anna Mae Bullock, Nutbush Tennessee, Phonte, @HebrewRational, Syntactitional Correctness, soft baked cookies, Amanda Dwyer, Nick Bockwinkle, Brooklyn, Joey Greco, clinical studies, Fans of Help, real estate, GoldenPalace.com, Spike Lee, octagenarians, Lorenzo Orr, Mutual Assholism, obligation, nimrod, financial considerations, cheques vs checks, moonshine, Ed O'Bannon, DJ Clark Kent, Idaho Militia, Black, Enterprenillionairism, Jon Bon Jovi, institutional control, DJ Mike Hitman & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

All Balls Don't Bounce Episode 45: At All Costs
March 22, 2012 02:51 PM PDT

Episode Rudy Tomjanovich / Archie Griffin / Pedro Martinez / Bob Gibson... Sweets & Wall $t are the Mike Jordan of Sports Podcast Recording! We set it off with quick looks into the African Americanizing of Hockey, get our 3 step drop on & setup, execute & follow thru with some stories from our recent pasts, offer strategy to a fifth-grader #NoSandusky, Salute to Kevin Garnett for He Stands Alone... JuanMa gets banned on his own soil... The recent goings on in the NFL have happened by by our aptly named episode... Daddy Goddell lays the wood and then some! #NoRomo... Looking at the NFL Bounty penalties levied against the New Orleans Saints, do they go back to being The Ain'ts? With the $95 Million Dollar Man, Peyton Manning, now in town, Denver is No Country for Tebow, Man! March reveals some Madness we don't need, word to Angel Rodriguez & Jamar Samuels... Baylor's Brittney Grenier brings the bass in more ways than one... The Sweet Sixteen: When Ohio's In The House... Oscar.Mike.Gamma DANGER!!! Spurs & Bulls are rolling right now, but the Knicks are in the midst of Woodsanity... well... ok... we reached... Forgive us! From Showtime to Showtunes with Magic/Bird on Broadway... Dana White proves he's not the only insensitive person on our show! Accents: Tron, Bad Sangin' References: The Fif Amendment, Jay-Z, Lawrence Krisna Parker, Kermit Washington, Stereotyping, Ghostface Killah, Scarboro, Jamaican Girl Hair Slander, John Amaechi, Sufficient Parenting, Don Fancucci, 7-11, ABDB Consulting Fees, E-40 & The Block Brochure, Syreeta The NFL Chick, Ed The Sportsfan, Jentel Jordan, Aesthetic Challenges, Sensitivity Training, Jai All Day, Chemotherapy, George Benson, Bosom Buddies, Dan LeBatard, Gina Carano & @TSNRadio1On1 & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com

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