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All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 60: Sweat Equity
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Publish-date-icon October 19, 2012
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Drive x Dedication x Sweets Watson x Wall $t. Strickland = All Balls Don't Bounce! We're always gon' give you that work! After a brief hiatus, The Incredible Two Man team is ready to play both offense & defense for the whole of Episode Chuck Bednarik! Special guest in the house is Friend of The Program & the former point guard to the late Filling The Lanes podcast, The King of #FriedFried & #RampantBlackRedneckery representative Rick Dowell aka @_mav_rick. He's in to run The Three Man Weave with us! The Housekeeping is in order as we wrap up a very successful screening of "Benji" & promote the launch of our next ABDBPresents event with "The Iran Job"... Rick schools Will & Duane on why diversity in NASCAR might be dead... Larry Jones, Jr. is very well known all over Atlanta except for in Rick's house & heart... We spread b-day love the ABDB Way & offer Rest In Power shouts before we bury the New York Yankees... Congratulations to the American League Champion Detroit Tigers as they await the winner of the NLCS between the San Francisco Giants & the St. Louis Cardinals to play The World Series... Duane & Will wonder aloud what the difference is between the NCAA football champs & the BCS while Rick comes to the rescue... The guys examine the history of "student-athlete"... The Atlanta Falcons are the best team in the NFL? Sweets & Rick show love & understanding for the Canadian Football League... Will can't understand why Norv Turner still has a job in the NFL or why the sword that was fallen upon in Philly wasn't made from potted meat... @_mav_rick, Sweets & Wall $t. breakdown the Hadouken homegirl from Cleveland caught on that bus... We don't know if Anderson Silva could throw an uppercut like Artis from Cleveland, but it's hard to dispute he's the G.O.A.T. in MMA... Wall $t & Sweets banter on whether GSP can beat The Spider... We bob & weave over Things Done In Darkness as The Money Team's Captain idled in Clark Country Detention Center... The convo gets much deeper as we go "Out With No Cruz Control"... Why is it that we see homosexuality thru multiple lenses dependent upon the sex of the person? Dr. Rick channels his inner Paul Reubens during the talk & reveals some of his business building tactics while the guys opine on being Out in the Age of Social Media... We slander David Stern as a dictator, but... Will poses his embryonic theory on The Madden Curse vs. GQ Cover Curse... Jeremy Lin plays the Race Card while a tree falls in the forest... Sweets goes HAM on LBJ & his Marvel Comic Book... College basketball is back & the crew examines Midnight Madness across the country, including an impending beef between Tom Izzo & Dwight Howard... What the hell is KabongoGate & does the NCAA realize what John Calipari has embraced? Finally, Rick pulls back the curtains on the Curious Case of Andre Dawkins at Duke & offers praise to The WMDs & their many movements... Accents Employed: Bad Bruce Buffer, Even Worse Jimmy Lennon, Jr., Mongo, Drunk White Guys, Awful Filipino, Generic Commercial... References: Big Daddy Kane, Chiropractic Service, Filling The Lanes, Brown Liquor, Boogie Nights, Stitcher Awards, @rashanii, GoodFellas, Tribeca, Mr. 9.79, Bubba, Cale Yarborough, Sources, Caravan Of Love, Jehrall Jackson, Two Person Secrets, Halls Of Achievement, The Regal Beagle, Qlympia Stadium, George Papadopoulos, Bless You Boys, Detropia, Nicky Ballgame, Gypsy Brown, @MagnumPrime, Eddie Murphy, Omar Epps, False Warrants, Charlemagne The God, BFFs, Martin, The Wire, The Institution Of Intolerance, Rick James, Conditioned Conditioning, #HiiiYooo, The Fountain Of Youth, Channel Orange, Fluttering Fingers vs. Gang Signs, @classickmateria, Cramp-Free Bionic Legs, Mavens, The Ways Of The Douglas, Dana Owens, The Value of Employment, Foreshadowing, #FreeEdCota & more! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

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