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All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode 61: Dusk & Dawn
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Publish-date-icon November 2, 2012
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When Everything is Young, Fresh & New... Seasons Change... Leagues Start... Leagues End... But what won't change is you getting the best in intelligent, funny sports talk on the stories behind the stories from Will & Duane on All Balls Don't Bounce! It's Episode Livan Hernandez, fat & pitchin' pounds of that For Real For Real off the mound! We set it off as Wall $t channels his inner accountant in a rap battle on public transit & Sweets gives us Hurricane Sandy coverage via Sean Price... We get scraight ig'nant about African runners who have to get to the New York Marathon... Don't forget about another great ABDBPresents screening on November 14! Baseball is on the menu as we reluctantly, but graciously congratulate the SF Giants on their World Title & Will postulates on why catchers make the best MLB managers... We give Gary Sheffield props on his curious choice of a second life... The guys lament the irony of illegal business priorities in law enforcement in Florida... As usual, we spread b-day love The ABDB Way & we wish a young college "student-athlete" all our best for his speedy recovery after a horrific injury... The Incredible Two Man Team runs down recent key games in college football before Will heightens the Ig'nance Quotient on the show... Wall $t. was soon to be outdone by Mr. No Conjecture Watson with his Media Take Out spot... Corrections & Respect due to Louisiana Tech's WR Extraordinaire Quinton Patton as Will not only mangled his name but his cousin's home city & state before we get into our Heisman Watch... Sweets embraces his love for the Canadian Football League & its first Black QB to win The Grey Cup... We bring in former NFL Pro Bowl QB Jeff Blake, who just so happens to be Black, to chat with us about The Post Racial NFL... right? The convo gets lighter as The WMDs hand out NFL "Shake & Blake" Midseason Awards with Jeff... The guys get into some Listener Mail before getting off the gridiron & onto the ice... Despite the lockout, Duane & Will talk hockey & if it matters at all... Halloween brings out the monster in all of us, right, Tyler Bozak? Will & Duane pontificate on the significance between being racist vs racial insensitivity... Racial Ig'nance rears its head again in Philadelphia Flyers Wayne Simmonds' professional life, but why? Duane makes great point about the myth of racial acceptance & open mindedness in European culture before we hop into the boxing ring... We say goodbye to Iron Boy, but you know how it goes with boxers & retirements... ABDB opines why History is a cruel mistress to Truth in saluting both Orlando Cruz & Jorge Pazos... The WMDs eulogize the late great boxing trainer Emanuel Steward by breaking down his name... Sweets scores a knockout with perspective on the depth of relationship between trainer & boxer... Hoops is on the menu & Will is still in rap mode as the guys examine Geno Auriemma's Dilemma... We study Kevin Ollie & The Flip Side Of What's In Store In Storrs for the UConn Mens' Basketball team... Andrew Wiggins sets up to change the balance of power in college basketball...at least for a year! The Impact of One & Done reveals itself in the Preseason All America Team... We do a quick review of the NCAA Top 25 hoop squads before declaring ourselves eligible to embrace the launch of the new NBA season... James Harden goes Big Game James in his Rockets debut & Jeremy Lin smiles... Clearly, Will & Duane have different ideas that eventually lead to one place for the NBA Finals... All other teams pale in comparison to the Minnesota Timberwolves & no one should care... Will never misses an opportunity to make a Purple Rain reference... Finally, we look at the Legacy of David Stern... Accents Employed: Smanglished, Bahstahn, Stewardese... References: Academy Awards, Amor, Roger Maris, Rhyme Skills, Nick Van Exel, The Chosen Ones, Mic Tyson, Beverly Hills Cop, Sparky Anderson, Jay-Z, Legal Irony, Youth Football Screening Process, Prohibition, Nick Satan, @DonDelarente, Natalie Achonwa, The Victors, Game Managers, Chuck Ealey, Air Quote Kang, Yancy Thigpen, CJ2K, #NoRomo, Jerald Wilks, ABDB Enterprises, Raffi Torres, EPMD, Black Like Me, Opice, Cocaine Is A Powerful Drug, Thomas Hearns, Tennessee Williams, Danny Biasone, The Departed, Darius Miles, DePaul, Punk'd, Clair Bee, Luther Vandross, Ice Ice Baby, @RodimusPrime, #AndyFromAccounting, #2, Timmy TightPants & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at allballsdontbounce@gmail.com. Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!

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